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We approach
diversity and inclusion
as a performance lever   

Today we live in a world where diversity is a reality, inclusion is a necessity

We know that companies that prioritize inclusivity and diversity are:  

2 times more likely to meet or exceed their financial goals

3 times more likely to be high-performing

6  times more likely to be innovative and agile 

8 times more likely to achieve better business outcomes*


                              * The diversity and Inclusion Revolution, Deloitte 

At Yojoa, we understand that implementing an inclusive business culture is not a smooth ride. But we believe that together we can make inclusion a reality.  


Our solutions 

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Understand diversity and inclusion

Everyone talks about diversity and inclusion, but what does this mean for you, in your context? In order to deconstruct these concepts, we offer: 

  • workshops to understand how unconscious biais limit performance

  • workshops to understand how including diversity enhances creativity and performance

  • tailor made workshops

  • presentations on diversity inclusion as a proven performance tool

Harness it

For diversity inclusion to have an impact on business performance, and for you to get everyone on board, it is essential to give employees a voice, to allow them to express their feelings about the organisational culture, to listen to them and to take their opinions into account.

We offer: 

  • an inventory and competitive analysis

  • an audit reflecting the needs of each department

  • reporting 

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Experience it 

Are you interested in meeting diverse talents with strong social skills such as adaptability, collaboration, solution oriented and empathy?


Yojoa works with a pool of young professionals and trainees who have a migration background. These youth are examples of resilience and creativity. 


We offer: 

  • an inclusive internship program

  • a job placement program

  • exchanges experiences

  • a mentoring program

Live it

Today, consumers and employees are asking companies to be more inclusive and have a strong social impact. Let's work hand in hand to meet your inclusion needs. And live it everyday!  


We offer:  


  • tools

  • politics

  • monitoring

  • employment solutions


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What they say about us

With a lot of lucidity and benevolence, Yojoa helped us to recognise and articulate the unconscious barriers and obstacles we had, both on a personal and structural level.  

Loubna Freih, member of the Board of Directors of Human Rights Watch, vice-chair of the Geneva Committee


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Our community

Yojoa is proud to work with committed companies that recruit young people with a migrant background and work on their own inclusive culture.

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We also collaborate with key players in the field of inclusion in Geneva. 

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Financial partners

We receive financial support from the following partners to carry out our activities in support of young people with a migrant background.  


About us

Yojoa is an organisation that supports companies in their journey towards greater diversity and inclusion. Twenty years of professional experience in various parts of the world have shown us that when excluded or discriminated people have a voice, and that voice is heard, we all become better people, collectively. We are convinced that inclusion is the answer to society's biggest challenges and that those who jump on the bandwagon today will be tomorrow's winners.

The operational team: 

Emmanuelle Werner Gillioz

Founder & Director



El Amin Senger

Young talents & companies training manager

With the support of : 
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David Martin 

 Partnership strategy

and fundraising

The executive committee:

Sebastien gillioz

Human Rights Officer

High Commissioner for Human Rights

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Michael mesfin


 Mesfin & Co

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Michel Regueiro

Chief Operating Officer 


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Emmanuelle Werner Gillioz

Founder and Director



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Yojoa and BNP Paribas 

As part of its European refugee support program, BNP Paribas Switzerland works with Yojoa. Discover our work through this video!

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Yojoa in Heidi News

On the occasion of World Migrants Day, Emmanuelle Werner Gillioz offers a look at the opportunities offered by migration. 

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Inclusion as a lever for collective intelligence


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Join our team!

Yojoa offers equal employment opportunities to employees regardless of race, nationality, gender identity, age, sexual orientation, religion, disability or family status. We offer flexible working hours in a caring and supportive environment where inclusion of diversity is considered an asset.  

There are currently no position available. 

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